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“It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Professor Donald Hsu for his innovation as President of CASA - Chinese American Scholars Association.  I was fortunate to present a paper at the recent E-Leader Berlin Conference in June. I have attended and presented at many conferences. But the way this unique conference was designed, provided numerous opportunities for collaboration and input into different areas of expertise. Too bad, more conferences don't take note of this approach! Everybody benefits. We need more global conversations.”
Christine Merritt, Ph.D.
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   E-commerce, and E-Learning, in all academic disciplines.

Pavla Neumannova, Ph.D. Researcher, University Economics Prague, Czech Republic, September 30, 2018. I had an opportunity to attend the international E-LEADER Conference held in Warsaw, Poland in June 2018. Donald Hsu was the main organizer as well as the host of the conference. He did a great job! The conference was arranged perfectly with many dedicated speakers of various backgrounds in the field of economic relations. I recommend this experience to any experts (entrepreneurs or academicians) or PhD students.

Agata Dulnik, Ph.D., Forbes Coaching Council - Business Psychologist - Leadership Development - Partner at Avvartes, Warsaw, Poland, July 17, 2018, I had a pleasure to be a presenter at the Warsaw E-Leader Conference organized by Dr. Hsu in 2018. By all standards it was a wonderful and very successful event. The speakers come from all around the world and their topics were of high quality. The event itself was well-organized to the smallest detail. Thank you Donald for making me a part of this great undertaking.

Ewa Masłowska, Prof., Owner of "Academia Polonica" - Polish Language School for Foreigners,Translation & Interpretation Agency, Warsaw, Poland, July 16, 2018,I was invited by Donald to participate in the e-leader CASA conference held in Warsaw June 4-6. 2018.It was a great experience and fantastic opportunity to meet members of CASA - leaders in academic investigations. I was impressed by the perfect organization and selection of interesting presentations.Congratulation Donald! It was a great work.

Antoine Trad, PhD., Institute of Business and Information Systems Transformation Management, France, May 14, 2018,I have the immense privilege to collaborate with Dr. Hsu. He is an excellent academic, proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically exceptional. He is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the tasks done. He has an exceptional intellectual and analytical skill in various domains. Dr. Hsu runs E-Leader conferences and in June 2018 it will take place in Poland!I am proud to be a board member associated with his organization. He Is a great asset to any company or organization!

Yelena V. Zemtsova, CFA, Capital Raising. Finding Synergies. Bridging Gaps. Cross-Border Public/Investor Relations/Deals. Cultural Interpretation, Singapore, February 13, 2018, Dr. Donald Hsu is a true professional and has outstanding teamwork qualities. When I was unable to travel to present my work at the CASA Conference in January 2018 in Bangkok, Donald spontaneously presented my research paper in my place. I would recommend any academic or a professional interested in writing articles to get in touch with Donald as he is the right point of contact who will help you to carry out and present your research the right way to reach the best audience.

Brigita Lazar Lunder, M. Sc., MBA, LION, 360° LinkedIn Solutions/Cashback World Solutions/Senior Lecturer /Intl. License/MPharm jobs Germany/top 1%, 28K+, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 13, 2017, I was a speaker at E-Leader Milan and Vienna conferences, that Dr. Donald Hsu organized. It was a great experience. I met people from different field of work, exchanged information, ideas, and collaboration with each other. I will recommend all professionals to attend E-Leader 2018 in Bangkok or in Warsaw.

Karen Wendt, MBA, CEO, Bestselling Author Responsible Investment Banking, Impact Investing, Financial Adviser, Lecturer, Coach, Keynotes, Munich, Germany, September 20, 2017, Karen worked with Donald but at different companies, I was a speaker at E-Leader conference, that Donald organized twice. I love the experience to connect to scientists from various academic fields. Impact Investing gathered a lot of interest and attraction in the two conference. It is a great experience with a lot of new state of the art research and connectivity.

Eddie Hui,CEO IT Emaos (Asia Pacific Business Development Outsourcing Specialist), Hong Kong, February 18, 2017, Donald worked with Eddie in the same group.It was after a few years since I received a message from a Linkedin peer, Professor Hsu, who invited me to deliver a paper at CASA, at Macau on Jan 3, 2017.After a 2-day event, I found it was quite a fruitful event and I met up with many professionals and scholars.It ends up I am working with St Joseph University, venue host of the CASA Macau Forum, on an IMBA program. I am also in sync with Ronnie and Yanni of another participating company and we are leveraging our field relationship on some projects. Here, I would like to crown Professor Hsu as"a Super Connector" - A title for Hong Kong as China Smart City One Belt One Road Initiatives.

Belinda Wong, CEO, Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited and author of 'HK Company Secretary Checklist', Hong Kong, February 10, 2017, Donald worked with Belinda in the same group.It was an honor to participate in E-Leader Macao Conference 2017 and to present my paper at the invitation of Professor Donald Hsu. His idea in having academia and people from different industries attending the conference not only enhance our knowledge of other industries but also network with others whose business/professional backgrounds are so different from ours. The conference is unique and has built up a large number of professionals/businessmen. The hard work and drive of Professor Hsu in making the conference a reality is highly commendable.

Emil P. Marques, Professor University of Saint Joseph, School of Business, Macao, January 24, 2017.The E-Leader Macao Conference was an interesting exchange of broad topics involving the debate and review of current knowledge of China today. The spectrum reflected upon the Cultural Relevance of Chinese History, Online Learning platforms and all the way to Comparative Environmental Policy. This wide spectrum of topics only points to the increasing awareness of the importance and salient impact that China has on every facet of the global economy. Not only does the conference bring together many experts from various fields, but provide concrete examples and actionable network engagements that makes this conference so exciting and valuable. I would recommend other fellow scholars to join this interesting networking and knowledge sharing conference next year in Thailand!

Raymond Loh, Experience academia, Passionate educator, Education management, TMC Academy, Singapore, April 10, 2016, Raymond worked with Donald but at different companies.Professor Hsu is indeed a man with a great heart in unselfishly sharing knowledge and experience generously. In the CASA E-leader conferences held in Singapore, he gathered a diverse pool of speakers from different areas of specialization to share and exchange knowledge. In addition, he is a true business entrepreneur, creative in ideas and a huge network of contacts from all over the world. I have learnt much from Professor Hsu. Thank you very much.

Dr. DamirKalpic, Full Professor at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Higher Education Consultant, Zagreb, Croatia, February 16, 2016, Damir worked with Donald but at different companies.I met Donald for the first time as he organized the E-Leader conference inKuala Lumpur. I liked the event and therefore I helped Donald organize a subsequent conference in Zagreb two years later. I admire his broad knowledge, multiple and most relevant fields of interest, remarkable energy, excellent social and organizing skills, which all turns to be very motivating for those of us who are lucky to have met him in person. I am looking forward to any cooperation with him, seeing it in advance as a pleasant and mutually useful occasion. I wish him all the best privately and in his numerous useful endeavors.

Eileen Quek, Entrepreneur & Strong Supporter of Local Talents, Singapore, January 8, 2016, Eileen worked with Donald but at different companies, I met Donald at the CASA E-Leader Conference 2016 held in Singapore. As the President of E-Leader, Donald did a great job by gathering successful international speakers of different expertise to share with us on the very real and current global issues faced in this changing world. Besides gaining diverse perspectives from these speakers, listening to Donald's generous sharing from his rich personal experience as more than a leader and businessman who travel to various countries certainly is an eye-opener and appropriation to all!

Dr. Abdelbadeh Salem, Professor at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, July 23, 2015, Dr. Abdelbadeh was a client of Donald’s.Donald is a very active person on the international level and he organized an interesting event titled E-Leader conference.

Dr, Frank Owarish, Executive Director at International Institute for Strategic Research and Training (IISRT), NYC, USA, July 23, 2015, Donald worked with Frank in the same group.I have known Dr. Donald Hsu for many years and he keeps impressing me as both a practitioner (senior manager) and as a scholar, above all as a leader by his amazing energy. The work he does for the international conferences organized of the Chinese American Scholars Association (CASA) is absolutely outstanding, bringing together every year, twice a year, leading international scholars and practitioners (see with forward, constructive thinking on a vast array of issues facing society. Dr. Hsu’s work on promoting the concept of E-Leader is ground breaking. It is a pleasure working with Dr. Hsu pushing forward the wheel of knowledge and promoting international cooperation among scholars and practitioners.

Conor Cusack, MPA, Experienced and Award-winning Program/Organizational Developer, USA. July 12, 2015, Conor worked with Donald but at different companies.Donald Hsu is a highly valued respected colleague. Donald is an extremely accomplished professional, and wears several hats, including President of, Chinese American Scholars Association. In this capacity, Don has spearheaded E-Leader Conferences around the world, which led to papers and presentations made by the brightest minds in business, education, and organizational development. I cannot bestow a higherrecommendation for an individual like Don. Were I to choose someone for a coach or mentor, Don would be that individual. It is my privilege to submit this on behalf of someone for whom I have the utmost respect.

Dr. John Teck ChoonTeo, Head School of Business, LSBF Singapore, June 29, 2015.Teo was a client of Donald’s.I am writing to congratulate Prof Donald Hsu for leading the CASA Conference in Prague 2015 successfully.In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Prof Hsu is one of those people. He is well known for his personality qualities vis intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership, diligence, etc. He is well respected throughout the organization for organizing CASA conferences internationally. He is the "go-to" person for a certain skill, for getting things done, for meeting short deadlines, for accomplishing a task, etc. I've known him for several years now, he has shown me time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential.

Soleilmavis Liu, Sponsor and Activist of Peacepink, Worldwide campaign to stop the abuse and torture with mind control technologies, Shandong, China, February 16, 2015. Donald worked with Soleilmavis in the same group. I met Dr. Donald Hsu at the recent E-Leader conference Shanghai, January 5-7, 2015. Dr. Hsu and his colleagues gave me a great honor to be a speaker to present two of my papers.Dr. Hsu is a great leader, always ready to help others. He is a trustworthy and honest person, and was full of vitality and enthusiasm in his causes. I feel it a great honor to be working with him.

Dr. Mingquan Wang, Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China, February 3, 2015, Mingquan worked with Donald but at different companies.Great work and international cooperation which make things happen step by step. Impressive about the operational ability of Donald and CASA.

Prof. Ludmila Štěrbová, Associated Professor, Former Vice Dean, at University of Economics Prague, Czech Republic, September 13, 2014, Donald worked with Ludmila in the same group.Donald is a hard working person with good managerial skills and amazing ideas. He founded the successful E-Leader Conference that is held twice a year and initiated E-Leader International Journal.He teaches managerial courses at the University of Economics, Prague as visiting professor and students appreciate his approach to different business topics.

Albert Le, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bachelor's degree at Hanoi Open University, September 1, 2014, Albert was Donald’s client.Thank you very much for your time with the lecture on E Business at Topica Group HCMC.The young people can learn a lot from your speech. Wishing you with good health and meeting you again soon.
Prof. OdufowokanBenardAdesina, Head of Department of General Studies Education, Tai Solarin College of Education, Ogun State, Nigeria, August 19, 2014, Adesina worked with Donald but at different companies, Donald is a detail-oriented manager who has presided over the affairs of CASA - Chinese American Scholars Association, New York. We have had series of conference presentations together. He has presented top provoking articles that is second to none till date.

KrystynaPalonka, PhD.,Economist Expert at CSPA, Lecturer at Alcide de Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy, Warsaw, Poland, August 3, 2014, Krystyna worked with Donald but at different companies.Donald is committed to his tasks, helping to potential partners and kind while providing necessary assistance, very professional and energetic .it is real pleasure to co-operate with. highly recommended.

Paola Corradi, CEORise2Up, Business Development Strategy Director, Milan, Italy, June 7, 2014, paola worked with Donald but at different companies.Dr. Donald Hsu is a Positive Thinking person, an excellent Chairman, a Dedicated Researcher, Congress Organizer and Teaming Builder.I had the opportunity to meet him at E-Leader congress in Milan and I have appreciated the competence and the friendliness between participants.I hope to work with him again next year during Expo2015 in Milan.

Karen Melonie Gould, CEO, Preparing Companies for InvestmentSourcingEvents/Programs, Deal maker, UK, June 6, 2014, Karen Melonie worked with Donald but at different companies.I had the pleasure of working with Donald at the E Leader Conference Milan 2014 and it was an honour. I found Donald to be so full of wisdom and with a keen sense of humour. I am looking forward to working with Donald in the future.

KampholWipawayangkool,Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University, USA, January 17, 2014. Donald was such a great and flexible host at the CASA E-Leader Conference in Bangkok, Thailand 2014. It was my first time attending the conference and it would not be the last thanks to such cordial, intimate, and engaging atmosphere. Thank you, Don, and see you next time.

Wael Ramadan, B.Eng., MBA, PhD, PMP, LSSBB.President at Lakeshore Chapter - Project Management Institute (PMI), Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, September 11, 2013. Donald Hsu is a charismatic leader who is able to inspire professionals, managers and academics towards achieving his vision of a global academic platform at CASA. I have known Don as a collaborative visionary at E-Leader Global Conferences who is able to work across regional and business boundaries. I highly recommend Don.

Dung Le, Construction Engineer at Utracon Vietnam.I attended E-Leader conference, organized by TOPICA Education. Dr. Donald Hsu (CASA) was a speaker on 5th Jan 2013, Ho Chi Minh City. The conference was very exciting with sharing knowledge and experience from Dr. Donald Hsu. With insight on the Vietnamese economy, his message: E-commerce remains a largely untapped opportunity in Vietnam.How do you reach 87 million aspiring consumers with strongly growing incomes when the retail market is highly fragmented and quality retail space is rare and expensive? More people believe that E-commerce could be the answer. For the participants who would create their own business, he suggested E-commerce models and willing to support any good and creativity ideas...
Thank you for enriching our knowledge and we look forward to seeing you for next E-Leader conference in Vietnam.

Kartika Angkawijaya, Senior Product Information Specialist, Singapore, January 25, 2013, Kartika was with another company when working with Donald at Chinese American Scholars Association. I attended E-Leader conference which Donald organized in Singapore in January 2013. It gives me chance to see different perspective on how different discipline perceive "e". It helps me to see things not only from technical stand points which is my nature but how to use it for greater purposes in more practical manner.

Patrick K.C. Low, Appointed Visiting Professor (HRM) at the University of the South Pacific: USP (Oct to Dec 2013), January 10, 2013, Patrick K.C. was Donald's client.  Donald is a very personable Conference organizer and very people-centered. A great person to be with.

Stephanie Lambert, Researcher at Loughborough University, UK, January 7, 2013, Stephanie was with another company when working with Donald at Chinese American Scholars Association. I met Donald at the E-Leader CASA conference ins Singapore (January 2013). Donald has created an environment where both academics and practitioners can share their work. As Donald puts it he 'brings people together' and this conference was a great example of that. The people and presentations were eclectic and we all learnt from one another. Donald ensured a supportive and inquisitive nature to the conference and I'd like to thank him for having myself and my colleagues!

Christine Merritt, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Strategic Alliances, TAPCO, Wisconsin, USA, July 8, 2012. It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Professor Donald Hsu for his innovation as President of CASA - Chinese American Scholars Association.  I was fortunate to present a paper at the recent E-Leader Berlin Conference in June. I have attended and presented at many conferences. But the way this unique conference was designed, provided numerous opportunities for collaboration and input into different areas of expertise. Too bad, more conferences don't take note of this approach! Everybody benefits. We need more global conversations.

Cristina de Azevedo Rosa, Economist, Lisbon, Portugal, June 15, 2012. The E-Leader conference in Berlin was very interesting, well organized and an excellent opportunity to share research and meet great scholars from all over the world. Congratulations Donald for your great job!  Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative.

Paola De VecchiGalbiati, Disruptive Innovation Expert, Managing Consultant, Milan, Italy, June 14, 2012. I know Donald Hsu, as President of CASA, a cultural association that facilitates and organizes cultural exchanges among people from all over the world and working in different settings (university professors, business managers, professionals and students).Thanks to events like E-Leaders Conference, CASA gives us the opportunity to meet new people, experiences, projects, approaches, visions that expand our minds and our consciousness.Donald took the strategic importance of cultural exchange and promotes - with great tact and skill - interconnection between different disciplines and people, pointing out the interdependence between business, society and culture. Through his expertise, his interpersonal skills and his tireless activity of scouting he's managing a really interesting and growing cultural engine.

Oya Sanli, General Manager, PaydegBilgiIslemProgramlamaHizm, Istanbul, Turkey, June 30, 2011. I met Dr. Donald Hsu, the president of Chinese American Scholars Association (CASA) via Linkedin.  CASA organized the E-Leader conference at Zagreb University, Zagreb, Croatia. The conference was perfect. I met many experiences educators and managers.  It was an excellent experience for me in every aspect. I thank Dr. Hsu for the Conference and for the connections I made with participants from all over the world.

Chau Dang, Director of TOPICA EDUCATION GROUP - HCMC Branch, Vietnam, June 29, 2011. Donald is a person who devotes his life for education, especially for E-leader conference. Every year, he chairs 2 E-leader conferences in different areas with the participation of many scholars, educators, executive people from different universities, organizations.  Thanks Donald, E-leader has been organized in Vietnam for the first time very successful with the cooperation of TOPICA EDUCATION GROUP in Ho Chi Minh City. Donald loves Vietnam and will come again in January 2012 to share his knowledge and experience for Vietnam Education. All the bests for you, Donald!

Darko Lugonja, Head of Section, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Zagreb, Croatia, June 23, 2011. Donald ensured maximum efforts, knowledge, experience, dedication and excellence in order to reach the E-Leader success as well as to help others to do the same. E-Leader Zagreb success, or any previous conference or event is no surprise, because Donald ensured his own and their success through his great engagement. Thanks to Donald, great pleasure to confirm, each project participant was content and eager for further efforts towards E-Leader success. Achieving and motivating others in the same direction is respectful and worth of recommendation.

Irene Jeremic, CEO, The Tableau Inc, Toronto, Canada March 1, 2011.As both global CIO/CEA of Stork Craft and later CEO of The Tableau Inc., I collaborated with Donald Hsu, on international knowledge-construct initiatives as part of E-Leader Conference, that involved global business leaders and academic scholars. As the President of Chinese American Scholars Association, Donald has demonstrated an exemplary leadership in delivering value in the fields of business ethics, e-learning, and globalization. It is a pleasure to work with such a strong leader, lecturer and business professional.

Loek Hopstaken, Guest Lecturer & Professor, Wittenborg Business School, Netherlands, January 6, 2011.Dr. Donald Hsu advocates deepening AND broadening the perspectives of scientists and professionals, by organizing inspirational bi-yearly conferences on a wide range of topics, in an informal atmosphere with ample room for a vivid and spirited exchange of visions and ideas between representatives from many countries around the globe. It's a truly intercontinental and cross-cultural event, taking place in locations in Europe (summer) and Asia (winter). I highly commend Donald for his on-going efforts to create these events, and encourage anyone to participate in a next E-Leader Conference.

Dr. James L. Morrison, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, November 7, 2010.Donald Hsu is a superb conference organizer and one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. He has boundless energy, is bright and knowledgeable in many areas, and accomplishes more work than anyone with whom I have ever been associated.

PooyanFard, MBA, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 10, 2010.Dr. Donald Hsu is a very well versed professor in business management and particularly in E-Commerce. He is running a very well organized association where fantastic academic papers from all around the world are presented by first class educators, professors, lecturers, and businessmen. He is a unique individual and extremely professional at what he does. I have had the pleasure of attending two CASA conferences and I loved it.

Marco Monfils, Owner-Advisor, MX4 Marketing, Budapest, Hungary, August 3, 2010.I attended the E-Leader conference in Budapest, Jun 7-9, 2010. E-Leader is a global forum for Entrepreneurs, Ethics, E-Commerce and E-Learning in all academic disciplines. The content was surprisingly broad, dealing with topics such as education, health, and consultancy. Society + technology = crowd-sourcing, one of the best marketing tools in the online offline community. I made good contacts with CEOs, managers, and professors, from different parts of the world. I strongly recommend E-Leader to anyone interested in lateral business thinking. Thank you, Dr. Hsu, for organizing this conference. It was great.

Luke McBain, Freelance management trainer and consultant, McBain Consulting, Berlin, Germany, July 11, 2010.I had the honor of being invited to E-Leader conference, which is being hosted by Dr. Donald Hsu as the President of Chinese American Scholars Association. This series of conferences mirrors through its unique design the management challenges of today.

Dr. Daniel F. Oriesek, Principal, A.T. Kearney (International), Zurich, Switzerland,May 16, 2010.Donald is the driving force behind the e-Leader conferences, which are held bi-annually either in Asia or in Europe. The events are well organized and a great platform to exchange academic knowledge and build a personal network.

Dr. Johndavid Kerr, Assistant Professor and Chair, Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, February 8, 2010.Donald ran a very professional and high-caliber E-Leader Conference in Singapore that included outstanding speakers, excellent and timely topics, and a vast array of C-levels, academics, and consultants. His extensive international business background, as well as a very approachable demeanor, created an environment in which conferees felt connected and enriched by the conference. As a result of the conference, Donald and I will be doing business together soon in international markets through our networks.

Dr. Thomas Schmidt, Associate Dean, School of Computer Information Sciences, DeVry College of New York, New York, USA, October 3, 2009.Don is a savvy businessman who has transferred expertise from that area to education. His broad experience makes him a valued instructor. He is also reflective on the overall environment, and wrote a conference paper critically examining the educational process at the University of Phoenix. Through CASA, Don shows his ability to network with a large and learned body of scholars.
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